Sandman plugin said to be "the delay of your dreams"

What would the delay plugin of your dreams look like? Unfiltered Audio thinks it has the answer with the appropriately-named Sandman, which is also said to have loop-mangling potential.

In fact, the company says that Sandman can be used not only as a traditional delay, but also as a flanger, a granulator, a wavetable oscillator or something else entirely. The dual LFOs are on hand to accommodate your modulation whims, while there's more riffing on the Sandman name with the Sleep mode that freezes your delay buffer to create 'locked' loops.

You can see Sandman being put through its paces in the video above. You can find out more, download a demo or buy it on the Unfiltered Audio website. It's currently on sale for $14.99 - the price will rise to $19.99 at the end of this week. Both Mac and PC users are covered with 32/64-bit VST/AU versions.

Unfiltered Audio Sandman features

  • "Sleep" mode freezes your delay buffer, creating locked loops. Loops can be further manipulated by changing the start and end points or manipulating the buffer size.
  • Variable Sample Rate expands your delay times (up to eight minutes!) while enabling amazing creative possibilities. Use it to repitch a frozen buffer, add a bit of grittiness and warmth to a delay line, or simply decimate everything.
  • Wide-ranging tempo-syncable delay times (down to 5 milliseconds). At its smallest settings, you can use Sandman as a flanger, a wavetable oscillator, a micro-delay, or to turn percussion into string tones.
  • Dual LFOs with bipolar modulation destinations. Keep your loops from going stagnant and explore some wild modulation opportunities.
  • Optional de-clicking algorithm makes your loops invisible. You can automate this algorithm's state, giving you glitchy clicks and cuts when you want them.
  • Feedback filtering helps you control more intense patches or add a bit of murk to your loops.
  • Intelligent "Lock" modes keep your delay length and loop lengths intact, even with a modulated sampling rate.
  • "Dirt" switch adds some nastiness to the heart of the delay line for that extra-vintage feel.
  • Preset locks allow you to keep specific parameters frozen on preset change.
  • DRM Free. When you buy it, you own it. No serial numbers, dongles, or forced internet connections.
  • Steam Cloud Support means that if you use Sandman through Steam, all of your presets will be automatically backed up to the cloud and synced between your computers. Every purchase of Sandman includes a Steam Key.
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