SampleTank 2 for iOS now rivals the power of desktop virtual instruments

IK Multimedia has announced a major update to its flagship virtual instrument for mobile musicians, SampleTank 2.

The Italian music tech company states that SampleTank 2 has "the power of desktop virtual instruments - without compromise". The app includes over 1,900 high-quality instruments and "the most advanced sound and groove workstation for the mobile platform."

As well as utilising the power of the latest iPad and iPhone models, SampleTank 2 has a redesigned interface for faster creation workflow. It features a new Live interface, new Browser and Song modes, redesigned Pad interface and additional advanced MIDI features.

The new Live interface includes eight instrument slots that can be used to create layers, splits, or multis. Additionally, loops and patterns can be loaded and used to create backing tracks and accompaniments at any time.

The new Song mode allows for ideas to be laid down easily via the integrated 8-track MIDI sequencer and also supports looped instruments.

The redesigned 4x4 Pad interface features newly added velocity and repeat sliders, that aim make complex beat programming a breeze for every skill level of beat maker and producer.

SampleTank 2 also features a new MIDI learn function makes controlling the app from any standard MIDI keyboard or pads controller easier than ever.

The app requires iOS 8 or later and is available now on the App store for £14.99/$19.99/€19.99. For more information head on over to the IK Multimedia website.

SampleTank 2 features

  • 8-part multi-timbral professional-quality sound and groove workstation
  • Expandable sound library with more than 1,900 instruments in 16 categories
  • Over 1,000 melodic and rhythmic patterns for groove creation and accompaniment
  • SampleTank PRO Instrument collections available
  • Signature Instrument collections available
  • Included 8-track MIDI recorder with audio export
  • Totally redesigned intuitive interface
  • New sound engine derived from SampleTank 3 for Mac/PC
  • 128 User Presets/Multis
  • Virtual MIDI support
  • Song and Live environments for composing and playing
  • Song Mode: Instrument Browser, Keys interface, Pads Interface
  • Live Mode designed for live performance
  • Built-in insert effects and master reverb
  • Multi-parameter sound and effects editing
  • Universal app compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
  • Designed to work with the iRig Keys line of MIDI controllers; iRig Pro, iRig Pro Duo and iRig MIDI 2 interfaces, iRig Pads and other MIDI compatible devices
  • MIDI learn function for programming external controllers with ease
  • Support for MIDI Program Change
  • Edit Strip responds to MIDI Continuous Controllers
  • Export WAV files via File Sharing
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support
  • Supports background audio with other audio apps
  • Polyphony: up to 64 voices on new Apple devices
  • Additional sounds available for in-app purchase
  • Free version available
Simon Arblaster
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