Roland and V-Moda join forces in new partnership

V-Moda has announced that it has merged with Roland in a move that will hope to see the headphone manufacturer have the resources to accelerate product development and push the boundaries of audio innovation.

Announcing the partnership on 808 day, Val Kolton, CEO of V-Moda said: "This partnership is not strictly a business deal; it's a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of our products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland.

It's not the first time the two companies have crossed paths. V-Moda had already supplied Roland with a special 'Aira' version of its M-100 crossfade headphones.

The merger does not spell the end of the V-Moda brand, but instead a new chapter in the lives of both companies. Mr. Jun-ichi Miki, CEO of Roland, had this to say, "We're pleased V-Moda has joined the Roland family of brands. V-Moda revolutionized headphones and has pushed the envelope of personalization. Their Milano design, material research and professional DJ roots along with their loyal customers are incredible assets for Roland. It's an exciting time for both companies, and we are eager for the talent at V-Moda and Roland to collaborate. This new team and the audience that the products are going to attract will definitely inspire the future of music."

For more information, check the V-Moda website now.

Simon Arblaster
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