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Roland and Serato team-up for something new that "will redefine what it means to DJ"

Roland and Serato have dropped a teaser video eluding to a new DJ tool that will most likely be Serato DJ controlled by some Roland hardware.

In what is touted as being "something truly unique" and "will redefine what it means to DJ", the video features Shinsuki Takame who discusses Roland's desire to "introduce themselves to the DJ world", in a meeting with Nick Maclaren from Serato, back in 2013.

Further to Roland's epic announcement earlier this week, #909day looks to be rather busy and the Japanese firm hinted at introducing a completely new category to its, already vast lineup of products.

Could this DJ tool collaboration with Serato be that very category? We won't know for sure until 9 September of course, but we think the safe money would say it is.

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