Receptor 2 offers more power for your plug-ins

Receptor 2 removes the computer from the plug in equation
Receptor 2 removes the computer from the plug-in equation.

Muse Research has updated its Receptor 'standalone plug-in player' to version 2. There are two products in the new range: Receptor 2 Pro and Receptor 2 Pro Max.

Both now feature dual-core processors that promise to offer twice the power of the original Receptor. SATA-2 storage delivers three times more disk bandwidth, while networking speed is now ten times faster and there's 50% more memory.

Receptor 2 Pro is the more affordable of the two boxes - though it still costs $2599 - while the top-of-the-range, $3199 Pro Max model is designed for those who demand the highest levels of performance.

"Musicians who play live or work in the studio need tools that are as dedicated to their music as they are," says Muse Research CEO Chris Halaby. "We conceived Receptor 2 Pro and Pro Max to be true musical instruments to run your plug-ins."

The Receptor 2 boxes are available now.