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Røde Microphones launches six new mics at 50th year anniversary bash

196-page company history.
196-page company history.

Just days prior to the NAMM show, Freedman Electronics hosted a party in Las Vegas to celebrate 50 years of business.

The event at the Mandarin Oriental celebrated the history of the firm and was hosted by Peter Freedman himself.

The company, which was started by his parents, Henry and Astrid Freedman in 1967, is now the home to Røde Microphones, Event Electronics, Aphex and SoundField. To commemorate the occasion Røde has produced a book, titled 'Røde Trip - Street Side to Worldwide: Inside 50 Years of Freedman Electronics and Røde Microphones'. It journals the trials, tribulations and evolution of a family-run business to the company we see today.

The event was also the perfect opportunity to announce the launch a slew of new products; six new microphones in fact. And they are...

TFM-50. Valve omnidirectional microphone, produced in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning classical music producer Tony Faulkner.

NT-49. Valve studio microphone.

NT-RV. Valve ribbon microphone.

NT-5 Matched Pair. Improved capsule technology for a best-in-class pair of studio condenser microphones.

VideoMic Pro+. Premium on-camera video shotgun microphone.

VideoMic SoundField. World's first on-camera ambisonic, 360-degree surround sound microphone.

There's currently no word on availability or price, but we are assured that there will more products announced over the next 12-months. Busy.

For more information, check out the Røde Microphones website.