PSP Audioware MixPack2 adds new plug-in

MixGate2 is the latest addition to the MixPack family.
MixGate2 is the latest addition to the MixPack family.

PSP Audioware´s MixPack is one of the most enduringly popular plug-in bundles around, so we´re pleased to be able to report that it now has a successor in the shape of MixPack2.

Designed to aid you when you´re mixing - and also suitable for mastering and live tracking - the processors in MixPack2 aren´t emulations of specific hardware models but are based on analogue circuitry.

The revised bundle features updated versions of the four original plug-ins (you´ll note that the interfaces have all been redesigned) plus a brand new one in the shape of MixGate2. This is a configurable noise gate that features high- and low-pass filters.

Also in the pack are the MixBass 2, which can be put to use on low frequency material, and MixTreble2. This is designed to extend the dynamic range, sharpness, clarity and spatiality of a signal´s treble frequencies.

The MixPressor2, meanwhile, is a high precision compressor that can be used on individual tracks or across whole mixes, and the line-up is completed by the MixSaturator2. This can be used to ‘warm up´ your audio material.

Available now, MixPack2 supports the VST, Audio Units and RTAS plug-in standards and runs on Mac and PC. It costs $199, though owners of the original MixPack can currently upgrade at the discounted price of $49. This price will rise to $79 on May 1.

If you bought MixPack after August 1, 2007, the upgrade is free.

You can find out more, download a 2-week demo version or place an order at the PSP Audioware website.


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