Pittsburgh Modular breathes life into new four-channel Eurorack beat programmer

New 'forms.
New 'forms.

Pittsburgh Modular has announced the arrival of a new member of the Lifeforms family, the Percussion Sequencer, which gives you four channels of drum programming joy in the Eurorack format.

We first the Lifeforms system at NAMM earlier this year, and it looked like it be the perfect gateway drug for any aspiring 'Euro-head'. Initially comprising the SV-1 synth and KB-1 controller modules, the Percussion Sequencer adds a 32-step beat sequencer designed for live performance.

It uses an analogue envelope and VCA built into each channel to shape any audio source into a percussive instrument. On top of that, the module also includes six pattern effects: Shift, Glitch, Density, Morph, Swing and Add/Drop.

The Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer is priced at $349, but there is no word on availability just yet. More information can be found on the Lifeforms mini-site.

Percussion Sequencer features

  • 32 Step, 4 channel sequencer
  • 32 sequence non-volatile memory
  • 6 adjustable pattern effects (Shift, Glitch, Density, Morph, Swing, Add/Drop)
  • 4 percussion tuned analogue envelopes
  • 4 high quality analogue VCAs
  • Seamlessly switch between play and record modes
  • Live performance and step recording modes
  • Internal tap tempo or external clock source
  • Variable sequence length
  • Channel mute
  • 24hp
  • +12v 100mA, -12v 15mA. Does not require +5v. Reversed power polarity protection
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