OrangeVocoder now an Audio Units plug-in

The interface has a predictably orange hue
The interface has a predictably orange hue...

Has it really been ten years since Prosoniq released its OrangeVocoder plug-in? Indeed it has, and to celebrate the fact, the company has released an Anniversary Edition for Mac in the Audio Units format.

This is the first time OrangeVocoder has supported Apple´s plug-in standard, and the new version also has four times as many internal voices as the original (a total of 32). Other feature additions include full MIDI control, support for a range of sample rates and eight different sound modes. Long-time users will notice a couple more improvements, too.

The OrangeVocoder 10th Anniversary Audio Units Edition is available now for €169. Users of version 2.x can crossgrade for €29. Both transactions can be carried out via the Surround SFX website.