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New plugin emulates the chorus from "an iconic '80s keyboard"

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

HoRNet's latest plugin, Chorus60, emulates a well-known chorus module from a classic '80s synth. This was used by many artists to compensate for the keyboard's one-oscillator-per-voice design, helping to thicken-up the sound.

Based on the original schematic, Chorus60 adds additional parameters such as controls for the LFO rate, dry/wet balance and wideness. The analogue hiss and saturation characteristics are also said to have been reproduced; you can disable/enable these independently.

Find out more on the HoRNet website, where Chorus60 can be purchased for €10.90. A demo is also available, and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX formats are supported (32/64-bit).