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NAMM 2015: Roger Linn's LinnStrument: hands-on!

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Yes, that's THE Roger.

Yes, that's THE Roger.

Roger Linn

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Roger Linn

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Roger Linn's hands

NAMM 2015: Roger Linn, LM-1/LinnDrum creator and MPC designer, is undoubtedly a pioneer of musical performance. We caught up with him at his booth at the 2015 NAMM Show to get hands-on with his new performance MIDI controller, the LinnStrument.

Its grid-arranged pads plot musical notes in a similar layout to a stringed instrument (as opposed to the regular on-off messages' that a regular MIDI keyboard outputs), providing three dimensions of performance with each key press. Downwards pressure affects velocity, left/right movement relates to pitch/vibrato, and up/down movements affect timbre.

Roger was happy to jam out a selection of computer-generated sounds - saxophone, upright bass, electric guitar and more - showing off the innovative per-note modulations that can be achieved. We're truly impressed at the range of expression he achieved in his short performances, giving us a real glimpse into the future of MIDI control.

Take a look at our photos to see Roger himself performing on the LinnStrument.