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Musikmesse 2014 video: Ken MacBeth previews MacBeth Elements analogue synth

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The MacBeth Elements is one nice-looking synth.

The MacBeth Elements is one nice-looking synth.

MacBeth Elements

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MacBeth Elements close-up

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MacBeth Elements rear

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MacBeth Elements corner

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MacBeth Elements knobs

MUSIKMESSE 2014: We don't have any spec details yet, but synth guru Ken MacBeth has been previewing his new MacBeth Elements analogue synth on his Facebook page.

Looking suitably vintage, this sports its own touch keyboard and is said to be available for pre-order.

There's no evidence of it on the MacBeth Studio Systems website, but we're guessing that'll change soon...

UPDATE: Check out the video above to see Ken MacBeth discussing his new synth.

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