Musikmesse 2013: SPL unveils Madison MADI I/O system

MUSIKMESSE 2013 PRESS RELEASE: NIEDERKRUECHTEN, GERMANY - Analogue and digital audio processor developer/manufacturer SPL is proud to launch its Madison 16+16 Channel Studio I/O System at Musikmesse 2013...

Broadcast and sound reinforcement professionals have relied on the still-unsurpassed Multichannel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) for over 20 years, thanks to its jitter-free and reliable transmission of multiple audio channels per single wire using low-cost cabling (up to 2km in length); now, with MADI emerging as the new studio I/O standard, the Madison 16+16 Channel Studio I/O System is perfectly positioned to integrate into any home, project, or commercial studio or scoring stage by combining state-of-the-art conversion, ultra-reliable clock, and MADI processing with a simple- to-operate, easy-to-expand, and awesome-sounding system housed in a compact 1U rack-mountable unit offering 16 input and 16 output channels - hence its full name.

Quite simply, Madison makes integrating professional analogue equipment into larger multichannel infrastructures a breeze, bringing the sought-after analogue SPL sound to MADI-equipped digital consoles, audio routers, or PC MADI cards - any professional audio routing infrastructure, in fact - for the first time.

Its all-important, built-in MADI port offers pristine and near- zero-latency digital transmission of up to 64 inputs and outputs with galvanic insulation (via four units connected on a single MADI port) making Madison the ideal front end for anyone serious about pure conversion of multiple audio channels.

In true SPL style, special features found in Madison all add up to a price and value per channel ratio that's hard to match elsewhere. These include: 16 superb-sounding AD and DA convertors with a sophisticated 18V analogue section (36V audio rail for +24dBu professional level); 44.1 to 192kHz operation (with ±10% varispeed); SPL clock-shop (for jitter-free operation); ultra-compatible, always-operational MADI I/O (with ultra-low conversion latencies); four directly-selectable reference levels (15/18/22/24); simple operation and setup (directly from front panel controls); ergonomic, distance- readable meters (for clear level status indication of any I/O channel); fan-less, silent lower-power design (30W max); redundant power supply (optional); and four industry-standard (TASCAM) D-Sub analogue eight-channel multicores, making Madison the most analogue digital interface ever produced, perhaps? Possibly, yes!

The Madison 16+16 Channel MADI Interface (Model 1260) will be available to purchase worldwide from any SPL dealer with a RRP of €1,499.00 EURO (including German VAT)/$1,899.00 USD, respectively. Availability is scheduled for June 2013.

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