MrRay73 Mark II emulates second Rhodes piano

A variety of sound shaping parameters can be tweaked and there are effects too
A variety of sound-shaping parameters can be tweaked, and there are effects, too.'s original MrRay73 electric piano is notable not just for its authentic sound (it's based on the Fender Rhodes MK1), but also for the fact that it's free (or donationware, to be more specific).

Now we have a MK2 version to consider: this emulates the second version of Harold Rhodes' famous piano. The software isn't sample-based - its sound is generated in real-time as you play.

Promising a "huge difference in sound and functionality" in comparison to its predecessor, MrRay73 Mark II offers full polyphony across 73 notes (with no note stealing). You can adjust the metal, wood, pedal and damper noises, and there's sympathetic resonance and harp vibration. It's even possible to age your piano by changing the 'wear' levels of the mallets.

Your piano tone can be treated with six-stage vintage phaser and tremolo effects, while a power amp sim is also included.

MrRay73 Mark II is said to put very little strain on your processor and memory. Running on PC as a VST plug-in, the full price is €49, though if you get your order in before February 26, it can be yours for €39.

You can purchase the software or download a demo at the website.