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ModeAudio is giving away an Ableton Live drum rack made up of vinyl and turntable samples

A-rack of the freebies.
A-rack of the freebies.

ModeAudio has created a free Ableton Live drum rack made entirely from turntable and vinyl samples. What's more, it's free.

The drum rack pack features recorded sounds of record static, turntable spins and the needle falling into the groove. All the recordings have then been processed into kicks, snares, hats, claps and more. A total of 32 samples are included, an Ableton Live 9 session template and the drum rack itself.

For more information and to download the free rack, go to the ModeAudio website.

Vinyl Rack will require you to update to Live version 9.6. However, the samples will still be available for use if you have an older version.