Mackie U.Series offers mixers for the modern musician

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The U 420d gives you mic and stereo line input channels

The U.420d gives you mic and stereo line input channels.
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If you just want 4 channel line input mixer consider the U 420

If you just want 4-channel line input mixer, consider the U.420.

Mackie´s U.Series mixers somehow managed to slip through our Musikmesse 2008 news gathering net, but they´re well worth a look now. Said to be simple and intuitive, they´re designed for DJs, producers and musicians.

There are two products in the range: the U.420 and the U.420d. The former is a 4-channel stereo line mixer with full-kill active EQ on each channel, plus a built-in DI box and a phono preamp.

The U.420d, meanwhile, offers two mic channels with 30mm faders and 3-band active EQ with mid-sweep, while two stereo line input channels sport phono preamps, 3-band active EQ, a full headphone cue system and a 30mm crossfader.

Each mixer has its own micro master section, high-resolution metering and a FireWire port for connection to a computer. ‘Loop-thru´ routing enables you to mix and record analogue and DAW playback.

Expect to see the U.Series mixers rolling out in the US and Canada in April and the rest of the world in May. Prices have been set at $250 for the U.420 and $320 for the U.420d. Further spec details are available at the Mackie website.