Korg M01D for Nintendo 3DS now available for download

While most of the mobile music-making community is currently focused on Apple's iOS products, Detune has decided to do something different by releasing the Korg M01D, a recreation of the classic M1 workstation for Nintendo's 3DS.

Available in Japan since 2010 but now offered in Europe and North and South America as a download, this is an 8-part multitimbral synth that includes not just all the sounds from the M1 (including its classic piano) but also selected sounds from the 01/w and a selection of all-new presets that have been created for M01D. This gives you a total of 342 sounds; polyphony is 24 voices.

Songs can be created using the step sequencer. This supports 8 tracks of 64 steps per scene, and you can use up to 99 scenes. There are sound browser, mixer and keyboard screens, while you can spice up your productions with reverb and delay effects.

Note input is via the 3DS's stylus, though you can also use the KAOSS mode for easy note, chord and drum part entry. Song data can be exchanged with other M01D users either wirelessly or via the internet.

The Korg M01D is available exclusively via the Nintendo eShop. It costs £19.99/$34/€24.99.

Find out more below or on the Detune website.

Detune Korg M01D official information

The KORG M01D is a music workstation based on the KORG M1 the world's first widely known music workstation. The M1 was released in 1988 by KORG Inc., one of the most famous and leading electronic musical instrument companies. The KORG M01D reproduces the M1's unforgettable digital sounds of the 80s such as the "M1 piano", still heard on many songs today.

With 24 voice-polyphony, over 300 sounds and an easy to operate sequencer, the KORG M01D helps you play and create your music at any place, and at any time, in a palm-size package!

Furthermore, the KORG M01D maximizes the range of music making possibilities with the excellent functionality of the Nintendo 3DS dual screens and performs sensuous note input with the sound control mode of the touch screen. This brings the "fun" experience beyond the music workstation, for everyone from beginners to professionals.

The song data and MIDI data can be saved to an SD card so the KORG M01D can be used as a sketchpad. You can preserve all of your musical ideas which can be later converted to your DAW system for more serious music production. In addition, anyone can exchange song data using Nintendo 3DS Wi-Fi via the Internet.

Sold in Japan since August 2010 as a package, the KORG M01 has been highly acclaimed by creators and performers who love gadget musical instruments. Now with this download version, the KORG M01D is available worldwide.

Korg M01D specifications

  • 8 part multi-timbral synthesizer with 342 sounds (max 24 voices)
  • Includes all of the original sounds from the KORG M1, selected sounds from the KORG 01/w and some all new sounds developed for the M01
  • Master effects: Reverb and Delay
  • 8 track/max 64 step sequencer for 1 scene/ up to 99 scenes
  • Sound browser, Mixer, Keyboard
  • Easy input "KAOSS" mode for notes, chords and drums using the touch screen
  • Exchange song data with other Nintendo 3DS using Nintendo local wireless communication and via the Internet
  • 3D viewing of M01D on the 3D Screen
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