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Klevgrand's Tines sounds like an electric piano but doesn't look like one

Conventional wisdom has it that, when you create a software electric piano, you kit it out with nostalgic, skeuomorphic interface that closely resembles the instrument(s) it's emulating.

Klevgrand's Tines is different. Yes, it can do everything from "a dreamy slick Rhodes to a nasty Wurlitzer," but this isn't designed to be a strictly 'vintage' emulation. Rather, the emphasis was on creating something modern and playable, with a velocity-curve that's suited to a typical MIDI controller keyboard.

The minimalist interface has a nice hand-drawn look, and there are built-in stereo tremolo, multiband distortion and reverb effects.

Find out more on the Klevgrand website, where an AU/VST version for PC and Mac is currently available for the introductory price of $13 (you can download a demo, too). As usual with Klevgrand, there's also an iOS edition, which is AU-compatible (though doesn't support iAA, Audiobus or MIDI) and is currently being sold for the introductory price of £3.99/$4.99 on the Apple App Store.

Ben Rogerson

I’m the Group Content Manager for MusicRadar, specialising in all things tech. I’ve been playing the piano, gigging in bands and failing to finish tracks at home for more than 30 years, 20 of which I’ve also spent writing about music technology.