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Ken Macbeth shows off his new prototype synth, the M7-D

Play your cards right.
Play your cards right.

Ken Macbeth has posted some shots of a new prototype synth, the M7-D, on Facebook.

The very ARPy-looking interface makes up the upper section of the M7-D, which is currently made out of cardboard. There is currently no info on what will feature on the lower section or whether an Elements-style touch capacitive keyboard will be used.

So far, it seems all is going well with development and Ken goes on to talk about the choice of filter for the M7-D: "It's the Trans Diode Filter that I have put into this one. I've done the ladder filter and I've done the SV filter - but no filter I've done, apart from the Elements one, sounds like this thing!"

We hope to have more news as the M7-D develops, so be sure to check back with us soon.