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Here at FM, we're not the types to overlook an open goal on the wordplay front. As such, issue 303 was always destined to come adorned with Roland's classic computer controlled bassline synthesizer. It's an opportunity we won't get again for at least another 303 issues (assuming we'll probably gloss over the fairly lacklustre TR-505).

Rather than spend too long waxing lyrical about the history of that one bit of gear, however, we're using it as a jumping-off point to explore the old-school production techniques behind the late '80s and early '90s Rave genres it (at least in part) inspired - from (naturally) Acid House basslines, to Jungle synths, Hardcore-style beats and beyond. It's not just about retro nostalgia, however - we'll show you how to take inspiration from these classic music making approaches and develop the ideas into something modern and cutting edge.

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  • Roland Boutique JP-08
  • Roland Boutique JU-06
  • Roland Boutique JX-03
  • Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth
  • Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators PO-20, PO-24 and PO-28
  • And more...


Jazz 'n' Bass - Jazz-infused bass, keys and organ loops and lines, ready to give your club tracks that funky fusion vibe

Modular Percussion - Hits and loops that see us flexing our modular muscles to create some cool and unique synthesized beats

PLUS: Access the FM sample archive - Download the 'Archive' packs and get over 8GB of loops, hits and instruments from our back catalogue of high-quality and royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and FX - think of it as our best of. All the samples you need to create great music!

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