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The debate over whether analogue gear really sounds better than its digital counterparts is an argument without a simple answer, and one that's not likely to be resolved any time soon. What is more clear cut, however, is the fact that there's something inherently inspiring about the hands-on, DIY ethos of creating sounds with classic gear from the days before we could rely on preset libraries and instant recall.

That's the main crux of this month's Synth FX cover feature - exploring the basic concepts behind the creation of dynamic, dramatic and downright weird sounds in the hope that it will encourage you to stumble upon something truly sonically unique. Whether you're working with hardware or software, getting hands-on and designing your FX sounds from the ground up is a great way to discover the true potential of your favourite instruments.

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Old School Synth FX - Build your own synth FX and inject some real originality into your tracks

Pad Inspiration - New ideas for creating and processing perfect pad sounds

Glitch Tactics - Add a little musical mayhem into the mix

Producer's Guide To... Logic Pro X 10.1 - Explore the latest update to Apple's DAW and get to grips with all the new features


Icicle - Forward-thinking D 'n' B producer Jeroen Snik, better known as Icicle, talks us through the making of his complex new album, Entropy

New Build - We visit the analogue-stuffed studio of Hot Chip spin-off band, New Build

The Track: Tigerskin & Till von Sein - The German duo break down the creation of their track Dance

Classic Album - Renegade Soundwave on their masterful LP of reworks, In Dub


  • Korg MS-20M kit
  • Korg SQ-1 sequencer
  • Roland JD-Xi
  • Munro Sonic Egg 150 monitors
  • Arturia V-Collection 4
  • Roland SBX-1
  • Drawmer 1973 FET Compressor
  • And more...

Modular monthly

New gear special! All the modular news from NAMM 2015 including Waldorf's nw1, an Oberheim module, Make Noise's Telharmonic, and more!


Latin Percussion - Funky world rhythms are the order of the day with this pack of acoustic loops and hits

Electro Drone - Synthesized Doom! Go dark with this Drone Metal-influenced pack of ominous synth tones

Dub Loops - Get the spacious sound of classic Dub with this pack of reverb drenched samples

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