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In 2014, the prospect of performing electronic music 'live' can be exciting and daunting in equal measures. Thanks to the wealth of creative MIDI devices, samplers, synths, drum machines and gadgets available to musicians today, there are near endless options out there for anyone who wants to rework their studio creations for live performance - from simple laptop set-ups to elaborate full band rigs, and everything in between.

That's where From Studio To Stage comes in. While, with so many potential live set-up options available, we can't simply walk you through the one 'definitive' way to take your music into the live arena, we can hopefully make the task a little less daunting by offering up some advice and expertise courtesy of our road-worn team of experts.

If you need a little more live inspiration, head for our interview with London trio Factory Floor, to find out about the gear, techniques and inspiration behind one of the best live shows FM have seen in recent years. Get all of this, plus loads more tutorials, features and all the latest reviews, in the October issue of Future Music.

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From Studio To Stage - The essential guide to electronic live performance, from solo laptop sets to syncing a full band

Future Bass - Forget hardware. We show you how to harness the power of modern software synths to create complex, powerful and evolving bass sounds

Producer's Guide To... MachineDrum - Everything you need to know about using bespoke samples with Elektron's classic drum machine


On Stage With Factory Floor - See the synths, samplers, drum machines and effects behind the UK's finest electronic live act

Marc Houle - The Canadian Techno veteran invites FM into his Berlin studio to talk synths, sounds and live performance

Classic Album - Future Sound Of London mouthpiece Garry Cobain on the duo's groundbreaking '90s masterpiece Lifeforms


  • Roland System-1
  • Moog Music Theremini
  • Native Instruments Rise & Hit
  • UAD-2 Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
  • Apogee Quartet and Duet
  • XLIS Lab XILS 4 Synthesizer
  • Arturia Spark 2 Software
  • And more...


Bass Guitar Bundle - From Punk to Funk, we've all your basses covered

MIDI Orchestra - Go retro with this pack of lo-fi synth strings and horns

Tuned Drums - Perfectly pitch acoustic and electronic percussion

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