HoRNet BSharry detects the keys of your MP3s

You can set BSHarry to work on your MP3 collection.
You can set BSHarry to work on your MP3 collection.

HoRNet has followed up its SongKey plugin, which is designed to work out a song's key by analysing it in realtime, by releasing the BSharry MP3 Key Detector software.

Built on the technology behind SongKey, BSharry analyses MP3 material to determine its key before inserting the relevant ID3 tags into the files' metadata. You can perform the process on single files or apply batch processing to an entire folder of them.

The intention, of course, is to give DJs the ability to pre-analyse their music to allow easy selection of tracks to cue up in related keys. We'd be interested, in that case, to see this software upgraded to serve formats other than MP3.

BSharry is available for PC and Mac on the HoRNet website priced at €20. A demo can be downloaded, too.

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