Get DiversionFX CM VST plug-in with Computer Music

DiversionFX CM: more than just mildly diverting.
DiversionFX CM: more than just mildly diverting.

Dimitry Sches Diversion is one of the best new soft synths to appear in recent months, with its multimode filters and effects being particularly impressive.

Out friends at Computer Music magazine, then, have scored quite a coup by bagging an FX version of Diversion - known, appropriately enough, as DiversionFX - for their cover DVD. It comes in VST format and is PC-compatible.

This is full software - there are no demo limitations - and features 23 different filter types, seven waveshaping functions, a trance gate, four LFOs, four multistage envelopes, a four-page modulation matrix, 20 effects and even bit-depth and sample-rate reduction controls.

You can find out more in the video above, while the April edition of Computer Music (CM176) is on sale now.

Ben Rogerson

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