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Computer Music hands-on with Reason 9.5

Reason 9.5 is here, bringing VST plugin support to Propellerhead's virtual studio. It might have been a long time coming, but this update brings with it some huge abilities, including modulation of almost any parameters within your loaded plugins.

In the above video, we're getting hands-on with Reason's new features, using LFOs, envelopes and sequencers within the Reason rack to create modulation where there was none before – an extra LFO in Sylenth, envelope modulation in Soundtoys Tremolator, sequencing with D16 Decimort, and more.

We're also using familiar Reason devices to play some of the world's most powerful plugins, and we've got an exclusive combinator to download for free.

Reason 9.5 is a free update for existing Reason 9 users.  Owners of any previous version of Reason – that's versions 1 through 8 – can upgrade for $129. A new copy of Reason 9.5 costs $399. You can find out more about what's new in Reason on the Propellerhead website.