FXpansion DCAM Synth Squad

PRODUCTION EXPO 2013: DCAM Synth Squad's 3 circuit-modelled software synths feature an amazingly deep synthesis engine, advanced but intuitive modulation and an additional effects and layering environment.

Used by producers including Rudimental, Needlz and Wolfgang Gartner, the DCAM synths - Strobe, Cypher and Amber - bulge with authentic analogue tone. Powerful oscillators with realistic FM and sync are fed into saturating filters and VCAs while the unique TransMod modulation system brings sounds to life in new and expressive ways.

The Fusor semi-modular environment adds layering and keysplits, lush effect treatments, step-sequencing and more. DCAM Synth Squad also features real-time and offline oversampling settings, MIDI learn, dedicated performance-oriented controls and tempo sync for its LFOs and looping envelopes.

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