Future Music 20th Anniversary: Name the gear: Win a Dave Smith Mopho X4!

Future Music is 20 years old this month and to commemorate this auspicious event we'd like to give YOU a brand new, Platinum Award-winning Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 synth! The catch? You'll need to know your gear...

The 20th Anniversary issue of Future Music goes on sale 22nd November and has a special gatefold cover featuring 20 years of gear. See the pic below. Awesome, yes? All you've got to do to win the DSI synth is to name ALL the gear on the cover and whoever gets the closest to spotting and correctly naming the lot, wins the synth!

FM cover

FM cover

Is that cover pic not detailed enough for you? Download a full-size jpg of the shot HERE (it's the perfect size for your retina MacBook Pro's desktop, incidentally) or go for a retina iPad-friendly version HERE, and get your gear head on!


The Dave Smith Instrument's Mopho X4 synth is the latest in DSI's line-up of all-analogue synths and once again exceeds our expectations for sound, quality and affordability. It's the best all-analogue synth you can get for under a grand. Check out the full review inside the mag.

Click HERE to get Future Music in a physical edition with DVD, or our iPad edition with video built-in.

So. Want to win our DSI Mopho X4 coverstar? Click our compo page here and go for it!

We'll be announcing the winner in December. Good luck.

Legal bits:
Closing date is the 21st November - the magazine's on-sale date - so be quick!
The judge's decision is final
The winner will be contacted by Future Music and no correspondence will be entered into
Multiple entries will be automatically deleted so please make your entry spot on first time

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