FREE VST/AU synthesiser plugin: Klevgränd Enkl CM

Computer Music are giving away an amazing and exclusive synth plugin with issue 227: Enkl CM, created by Swedish software magicians Klevgränd.

Based upon the full Enkl (read the review here) - but sporting one oscillator and a single LFO, rather than two of each - Enkl CM is a virtual synth capable of a huge range of tones and textures, from chest-pounding sub bass, silky lead lines and futuristic arpeggios, to versatile percussion, psychedelic FX and everything in between.

Enkl CM's oscillator can be switched between triangle, saw, square and noise shapes, shaped with an ADSR envelope, and either amplitude- or frequency-modulated via an envelope and an LFO. Resonant low-pass and high-pass filters are onboard for sculpting the raw oscillator tone, while legato, arpeggiator and vibrato modes accommodate a range of playing styles. There's also a dedicated three-band EQ, plus stereo delay and width effects to customise the synth's overall timbre and stereo imaging.

Features and uses:

  • Monophonic, single-oscillator synth reminiscent of classic hardware monosynths
  • Oscillator can be switched between triangle, saw, square and noise waveforms
  • Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation with dedicated LFO and envelope
  • Dual filters (high- and low-pass) with shared Resonance dial
  • Use the filter's Attack knob to dial in filter 'glide'
  • Glide and Legato
  • ADSR amplitude envelope
  • Fun arpeggiator with Arp Speed dial
  • Stereo Width effect (exclusive to the CM version)
  • Fully adjustable three-band EQ module
  • Delay effect with Time, Feedback, Spread and Mix parameters
  • Set Vibrato Speed, Vibrato Range and Pitch Bend Range
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST

How to get Enkl CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 227 (CM227) and you can download Enkl CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Try out Enkl CM's bigger brother, Enkl, which adds a second oscillator and another LFO for even more monophonic fun. Other Klevgränd plugins include Kuvert, a creative, envelope-driven multi-effect; Esspresso, a precise de-esser; and Korvpressor, an adaptive limiter/compressor. All are available as VST/AU plugins and iPad apps. CM readers can upgrade to the full Enkl for only $9.99 instead of the usual $14.99 by using the code found in issue 227 of Computer Music. Visit Klevgränd's website here.

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