FREE VST/AU drum instrument: Grooove CM

In an age of digital excess, 'more' is often touted as 'better', and many multigigabyte sampled instruments firmly adhere to this principle. But what if there was a compact, resource-friendly plugin that aimed to wring the absolute most from just a handful of samples? That'd be this month's ace CM Plugin giveaway, Grooove CM!

This ingenious VST/AU/standalone device comes to you from German developers brunsandspork, who describe the commercial version of the plugin, Grooove, as "a unique virtual drum machine that enables the user to easily create vibrant and dynamic drum kits while making use of maximally two samples per drum sound" - a description that applies equally to our special CM edition.

With a few simple knob tweaks, samples can be made to dance and groove in response to that most vital of MIDI articulations, velocity. From enlivening stiff, static beats to generating insane electronic fills, Grooove CM is up to the task. Check out our video tutorial to find out more.

Features and uses:

  • Program dynamic and expressive beats in a flash
  • 50 exclusive built-in kits (over 2,000 drum hit variations also included with CM223)
  • 6 Key slots into which to load samples
  • 2 samples per Key - use velocity and modulation to blend samples in various ways
  • Sample manipulation: Volume, Pan, Filter, Pitch, Sample Start, Fade In, Fade Out and Length
  • 2 global LFOs
  • 11 velocity-modulatable parameters - inject instant life and expression
  • 3 stereo outputs
  • 'Choke' groups
  • Efficient, streamlined workflow
  • Detailed PDF manual included
  • CM readers get 50% off the full version of Grooove (valid until 26th February 2016)
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST/standalone
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST/standalone

How to get Grooove CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 223 (CM223) and you can download Grooove CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Don't miss Grooove CM's bigger brother, Grooove, which packs in 8 stereo outputs, 128 Keys instead of 6, 8 LFOs, and tons more extra nifty features. Best of all, Computer Music readers get 50% off Grooove until 26th February 2016 using the discount code found on page 10 of Computer Music issue 223. Head to brunsandspork's website for more.

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