FREE VST/AU/AAX/RTAS distortion plugin: HoRNet Graffio CM

Computer Music are giving away an incredible and exclusive three-in-one distortion toolkit plugin with issue 228: Graffio CM, built by talented Italian developer HoRNet.

At Graffio CM's heart are a trio of modules that operate in parallel, each providing distinct distortion flavours that can be combined or used in isolation: first, the saturator module provides plenty of drive, aggression and character; next up, the exciter module can provide more subtle warmth by introducing odd and/or even harmonics; finally, the crunchy bit reducer adds digital degradation, grit and fuzz.

What's more, tweakers will be happy to know that each module features its own bypass switch and Dry/Wet mix knob, allowing you to customise which and how much of each effect is applied. A final output gain knob sits at the far end of the plugin so you can match the plugin's effect with your unprocessed signal, and the Oversampling function activates 4x oversampling for higher-quality processing. Watch the video above for more.

Features and uses:

  • Distortion multieffect featuring a trio of parallel modules
  • Flavoursome Saturator module with DC Offset
  • Smooth Exciter module - add odd and/or even harmonics for subtle warmth and character
  • Bit Reducer module for digital distortion and noise effects
  • Active button to toggle each effect on or off
  • Dry/Wet mix knob for each individual module
  • Out Level knob for speedy levelling and accurate A/Bing
  • 4x oversampling
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST/VST3/AAX/RTAS
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST/VST3/AAX/RTAS

How to get Graffio CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 228 (CM228) and you can download Graffio CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Graffio CM is essentially one band extracted from Graffio, HoRNet's three-band distortion multieffect which allows you to apply the same trio of processes as Graffio CM but across three user-defined frequency bands for even more flexibility. Also be sure to check out HoRNet's other plugins; many, such as ChannelStrip Mk3, MultiComp Plus and SW34EQ feature the same tasty saturation technology found in Graffio CM. Finally, note that, until 24th May 2016, CM readers can get 20% off HoRNet plugins and bundles using the code found in issue 228 of Computer Music. Find out more over at HoRNet's website.

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