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First look video: Korg Minilogue analogue polyphonic synth

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First look video: Korg Minilogue analogue polyphonic synth

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Minilogue top

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Minilogue Sequencer

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Minilogue sync

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Minilogue mod control

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Minilogue circuit

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Minilogue screen

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Minilogue back side

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Minilogue voices

Korg has announced a mid-priced four-voice polyphonic analogue synth in the form of the Minilogue.

In a sea of affordable monosynths and reissues, the Minilogue is the first new keyboard-based analogue polysynth from Korg since 1985's Poly-800 MKII, Volca Keys notwithstanding.

With newly developed analogue circuitry, Minilogue's signal chain includes two VCOs, one VCF, two envelope generators into a VCA and an LFO. The synth is also equipped with a variety of modulation types including cross modulation, oscillator sync, and ring modulation. On top of this Minilogue also features a tape-style delay with high-pass filter.

A price-point of under £500 will certainly prove popular, as will the build-quality. The unit features a one-piece aluminium top with a wooden rear panel. Backed up with very sturdy rotaries, the Minilogue certainly does not feel cheap. The inclusion of Korg's Slimkeys may not appeal to some, but they're more playable than your standard mini-key offerings.

To further distance Minilogue from synths of yesteryear, Korg has included an OLED screen that acts as an oscilloscope as well as providing menu feedback. Another tweak to the design of this forward-thinking synth is the positioning of the modulation controller. The switch has been rotated to feel more ergonomic to the performer and it is also possible to assign any parameter to the control.

Minilogue features include:

  • 37 keys (slim keyboard, velocity sensitive)
  • 4 voices (8 voice modes inc unison layering)
  • 41 dedicated panel controls
  • Real-time OLED oscilloscope provides visual feedback of parameter changes
  • 16 step polyphonic sequencer with automation of up to four synth parameters
  • MIDI IN / OUT, USB B, Sync IN / OUT
  • Sand‐blasted 2mm anodized aluminium panel, metal shaft pots, pyinkado wooden rear panel
  • 2 VCO (saw / tri / sqr), 1 VCF (2 / 4pole), 2 EG, 1 VCA, 1 LFO, DELAY
  • Headphone Output, Line Output, Audio Input

Currently the RRP is set at £522, with a much reduced street price of £435 expected. Minilogue is available now and for more information go to the Korg website.