Ear muff headphones warm your lobes, play tunes

The Zebra option
The 'Zebra' option

If you spent half an hour this morning scraping ice off your windscreen with a credit card, the idea of wearing warm and fluffy faux-leopard skin ear muffs might not sound so preposterous after all. And if they double-up as headphones? Stop, they had us on "fluffy."

The Japanese company Landport has just released the Music Ear Muff: ear muffs with an integrated speaker. The phones offer an output of 0.5Wx2 at 32-ohm impedance and weigh-in between 80 to 100g.

You can buy yourself - or your fashion-conscious friend - a pair for $55 here. There's an array of, err… 'interesting' fur options, too…

Ear muff

Ear muff

(Via: Akihabara News)