e-instruments Session Keys series offers grand piano emulations and more

Still searching for your perfect software grand piano? e-instruments has unveiled two new Kontakt-based offerings that it says not only feature "meticulously recorded" samples of two classic pianos, but also "a unique music creation workflow".

The products in question are the Session Keys Grand S, which draws its samples from the Steinway D4, and the Session Keys Grand Y, which takes the Yamaha CFIIIS as its source.

On top of the samples you have features such as the Pentamorph, which lets you adjust your piano's acoustics and create on-the-fly 'movement' using one knob, and the Animator, which can create piano phrases that follow your harmonies.

Then there's the Smart Chord mode: set the key of your song and this will create harmonies for you.

It seems, then, that the Session Keys instruments are designed as both high-quality sound sources and songwriting aids. They require that you have Kontakt Player version 5.2.1 or above and are available from the e-instruments website priced at $99/€99 each or $159/€159 as a bundle. Find out more in the videos above and below.

Ben Rogerson

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