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Clicksound: Logic Pro and Ableton Live MIDI templates

PRESS RELEASE: Boundaries presented by sampling or kick-starting a new track are being broken by a brand new online shop launching today which offers pure musical inspiration through unique MIDI templates for Logic Pro and Ableton Live.

Unlimited creativity and unrestricted control over musical ideas is now available for producers of any ability at the click of just a few buttons. is a first-class online shop for instantly downloadable, professional, affordable, royalty-free, totally customisable MIDI Construction Templates. The site advances a new approach for building a track by giving elemental ideas, inspiration and providing solutions to restrictions that can come with sampling any type of music from Dance right through to Classical.

Clicksound's MIDI templates are expertly crafted by a select roster of artists who are working and/or releasing records in the music industry. Thanks also to Clicksound's contacts with and support from manufacturers such as Native Instruments, Rob Papen and Garritan, many templates have been created using popular plug-ins/virtual instruments such as Blade, Massive, Predator and GPO4. Equally, Loopmasters have also supplied many of the sounds used within the Dance templates that are all included in the downloadable product at no extra cost.

ClicksoundTemplates : Creative Liberty

The MIDI templates themselves are a unique collection of original, malleable ideas for current styles of music designed for Logic Pro and Ableton Live[i]and range from Micro templates (8-24 bars) to extended MIDI Elements templates (2 minutes or more). They are a little like a construction kit of samples, but with way more freedom!

Clicksound's MIDI templates really allow you to personalise musical ideas and gain real ownership over the music. A Clicksound MIDI template will never give you a full song that you have to deconstruct before you can create your own, nor does it prescribe to you a 'paint-by-numbers' track. Instead it presents to you pure ideas for the essential elements of a track; hooks,basslines, drums, drops, motifs, textures and so on, all of which are in MIDI, so are totally customisable to work into your existing project, or to kick-start a new one. not only offers a wide range of cutting-edge, current and innovative Dance music templates created by professional music producers; from Dubstep to Drum & Bass, Deep House to Hip-Hop, but has become one of the first places ever to offer Classical and Symphonic MIDI templates created by an award-winning professional composer.

The limitations of sampling Classical music are over:

Clicksound's Classical and Symphonic MIDI templates open up a whole new realm of a genre of music that has so many different uses in the modern musical world.

There are currently only a handful of sample CDs available that contain classical/orchestral samples and arguably, many producers have found these samples limiting, as there is not much anyone can do fundamentally, to change the actual music without losing fidelity.

Sure, you can put effects on a sample, loop a certain section and so on, but what about changing the notes, pitches, quantistation, key, rhythm, instrumentation so it fits perfectly and naturally in no time with your own project?

Clicksound provides this solution and much more with Classical and Symphonic MIDI templates by offering seriously great, inspiring, masterfully crafted, professional and original Classical and Symphonic music that sounds like a sample, but allows you to change absolutely everything.

Like Clicksound's Dance music templates, Classical/Symphonic MIDI templates are not complete tracks, so you don't have to trawl through an entire symphony to get that distinct motif for instance either, instead you instantly receive the essential elements of a brand new, original Symphonic/Classical piece, i.e.a motif/idea/exposition which would be the central idea of a larger-scale work; which would be the bit you would sample from a piece of Classical music.

These templates range from full romantic symphony orchestra playing an epic/filmic symphonic piece, to a sensitive piano solo and have been expertly written whilst keeping in mind the styles of Classical music that are often sampled in Dance music etc.

Clicksound Launch:

To accompany and celebrate the launch of, from launch-day - 5th March 2012 -Clicksound are offering a free Micro Template of choice when customers register on the site

i) All Clicksound's Dance MIDI Templates are designed for Logic Pro and/or Ableton Live. Symphonic and Classical MIDI Elements are for all DAWs but have been created in Logic Pro 9.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Clicksound

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