Cardboard synths are boxfresh

Little wonder: Dan McPharlin's cardboard synths
Little wonder: Dan McPharlin's cardboard synths

In this age of VST plug-ins and software that can do just about anything, analog synths retain a certain aesthetic charm. 'Proper' knobs, old-school controls, cables streaming everywhere, a hint of Van Der Graaf Generator… what's not to like?

But if the impractical reality of going back to old ways doesn't appeal, why not go for the next best thing? Old-school synths made of cardboard.

Dan McPharlin's tiny cardboard synthesisers look impressively like the real originals. His Flickr page shows off his amazing work. And by the reaction so far, these cardboard minis might soon became as desirable as the genuine originals.

You can't make any music on these things, but they are possibly the coolest 'instruments' MusicRadar has seen all week.

(via Wired)