Beastie Boys mark 20 years of Paul's Boutique

The Beastie Boys have released a remastered, expanded version of their second album Paul's Boutique. The album was originally released in July 1989, and the band have launched a new website to mark the anniversary.

Paul's Boutique was viewed as something of a commercial failure on its release, failing to match the huge sales of the trio's debut Licensed To Ill. But in subsequent years, it has become viewed as a hip-hop classic.

A milestone in sampling

Part of its rep was down to the dizzying array of samples The Beastie Boys and producer Mario Caldato Jr employed. The album contained over 105 songs and samples, with Hey Ladies sampling all of the following:

The Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
Party Time by Kurtis Blow
Holy Ghost by The Bar-Kays
Shake Your Pants by Cameo
Pumpin' It Up by P-Funk All Stars
Jungle Boogie by Kool And The Gang
Machine Gun by The Commodores
Jazzy Sensation by Afrika Bambaataa
Change Le Beat/B-Side by Fab 5 Freddy
Come Let Me Love You by Jeanette 'Lady' Day
Heartbreaker and So Ruff, So Tuff by Zapp And Roger
Ain't It Funky Now and Funky President by James Brown
Hey DJ by Malcolm McLaren And The World Famous Supreme Team
High Powered Rap by Disco Dave And The Force Of The Five MC's (Crash Crew)

Here's The Beastie Boys' Hey Ladies

Sued by The Beatles

In an interview at the time, Mike D was asked about any hesitation the band had regarding their overt sampling of several minutes of well-known Beatles tracks, including the song The End on The Sounds of Science.

He claimed that The Beatles filed preliminary legal papers, adding: "What's cooler than getting sued by The Beatles?"

Go to the new Beastie Boys website to buy the download version - turn the 'volume knob' (bottom left) to see all the features. The remastered album is released in CD form on 10 February.