Auganizer: organise your Audio Units however you like

Is it time for you to get Auganized?
Is it time for you to get Auganized?

Many of us might benefit from having fewer plugins on our system - it might mean that we learn just a few inside out and make better use of them - but, let's face it, acquiring new ones is part of the fun of being a computer musician.

But there's a problem: as your collection grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate in your DAW. As you're confronted by a huge list of plugin names, it's easy to become blind to what each one is and does.

Now, for Mac owners who have a sizeable collection of Audio Units at least, there's a solution. Auganizer enables you to organise and display them in any way you wish. The most obvious example is to do it by type, buy you can also create subfolders within broader categories.

The application also makes use of OS X's native Cover Flow, so you can view each plugin's interface when you're sorting them all. Once they've been scanned, you can rename or edit plugins one by one or make batch changes.

Auganizer is available now for Mac priced at $34.99. There's also a demo version that enables you to rename up to ten plugins, so you can try before you buy.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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