Audio Damage's new 'ghost in the machine' plug-in

The latest plug-in from Audio Damage is set to be the Automaton, a buffer override effect that produces glitches and jaw-dropping rhythmical shuffles. A similar effect can be heard on many Warp records, such as those by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Autechre.

Audio Damage is the company that has brought us such plug-ins as Kombinat, Dubstation and Ricochet. The Automaton is still in the alpha testing stages at present, but we're excited about the prospect of testing it out very soon. Until then, you can check out a video of the Automaton on Vimeo.

The video shows a graphical interface similar to John Horton Conway's 1970 cellular automaton, Game of Life, which produced an ever evolving graphical picture without human input.

However, as far as we can tell, Audio Damage's Automaton is primarily a buffer override or bit-crushing effect, with a graphical sequencer for adapting the effect over time.

If you watch the video we're sure you'll agree that the Automaton is already offering some great sounds, from subtle beat-shuffling to all-out sonic butchery.

We'll make sure we keep you posted on any further developments, including a possible release date, as soon as Audio Damage confirms the details.

(via MusicThing)