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Akai MPC Fly to be available in Retronyms Tabletop

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Akai's MPC Fly will work just like any other Tabletop device.

Akai's MPC Fly will work just like any other Tabletop device.

Akai MPC Fly in Tabletop

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Akai MPC Fly in Tabletop

We already knew that Retronyms was helping Akai to develop the app for its forthcoming MPC Fly for iPad, but now the company has confirmed that it'll also be available for its own Tabletop iOS studio.

It seems that, as with many Tabletop devices, this will be offered as an in-app purchase, though anyone who owns the MPC Fly will be able to unlock it for free. We're assuming that Akai's hardware controller will work with the Tabletop-hosted version of the software, though this hasn't been confirmed.

What's clear is that Retronyms is sticking with its original vision to turn Tabletop into a modular platform that can run music making tools from across the iOS platform. Time will tell if this latest development will encourage other developers to work with the company.

In other Retronyms news, it's also revealed a few more details about its involvement with the Android-based Miselu neiro hardware that we told you about on Friday.

It's confirmed that the XOX Drum Designer, which is already part of Tabletop, will be available on the device, and that it will be contributing "a full suite of music creation and performance apps" to it.

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