Taylor, Walt Disney Records and GuitarGuitar team up for epic prize draw

Taylor, Disney GuitarGuitar competition
(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

To celebrate the release of the Disney Guitar Playlist, which sees classic Disney songs reworked on acoustic guitar, Walt Disney Records has partnered with Taylor Guitars and GuitarGuitar for a huge random prize draw.

The winner of the top prize takes home a Taylor American Dream 17e Blacktop acoustic guitar, a Disney Vinyl Collection, and a £100 gift card for UK gear retail giant GuitarGuitar. 

The two runners up will win Disney-branded Taylor GS mini-guitars, £100 gift cards and the Disney collection on vinyl. Just the thing you need for turning Let It Go into a fingerstyle workout – and the GS makes an exceptional travel guitar, too. 

A further seven prize winners will have their own £100 gift card to spend at GuitarGuitar

Taylor’s links with the Disney catalogue extend beyond this competition, with Taylor artist John Connearn reworking When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2, and Moving Right Along and Can You Picture That from the The Muppets Movie. You can hear all three songs streaming on the Disney Guitar Playlist.

“Getting the opportunity to work with Disney is amazing, you know the strength of the song is guaranteed and it makes the creative process all the more enjoyable,” said Connearn. “My nostalgic connection to Disney meant that these songs all had a sentimental value and it made crafting the arrangements for them a real pleasure.”

The prize draw is open now to all UK residents aged 18 or over and closes 17 December. Head over to Taylor to enter the draw.

Jonathan Horsley

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