System80 is working on a desktop version of its Eurorack 808 drum machine clone

System80 has taken to its Instagram account to announce its latest product, a desktop version of its 808 Eurorack drum machine module, the 880.

The module will feature the same specs as its Eurorack equivalent, but with the addition of a powered desktop case, external trigger inputs and MIDI out.

The unit will also benefit from Sync24 in/out, run/clock/reset control, sub mixer with insert, balanced out and headphone amp.

We’re promised more features, but we’re yet to see full details, price and availability. Until then, you can check out the System80 website.

Of course, the 880 may face stiff competition from Behringer's Rhythm Designer, which should be hitting the shelves very soon.

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System80 880 Eurorack module specs

  • 16 analog drum voices (6 single voices, 5 switchable dual voices) with global accent
  • Pattern sequencer with 1-32 steps
  • 12 banks of 16 patterns
  • 12 rhythm tracks
  • Shuffle and roll modes
  • External MIDI triggering of drum voices
  • 11 individual drum voice outputs + master output with volume control
  • 2 assignable trigger outputs
  • External sync via MIDI clock, DIN Sync or clock pulse
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