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Supercharge your vocals with this killer Universal Audio and Shure bundle - now $237 off at Musician’s Friend

Supercharge your vocals with this killer Universal Audio and Shure bundle - now $237 off at Musician’s Friend
(Image credit: Universal Audio/Shure)

Recording high-fidelity audio is one of the most difficult tasks for any producer. Anyone will tell you that it’s nigh-on impossible to make bad audio sound good, so having the most capable equipment can be the key to taking your recordings to the next level. Whether you’re podcasting, hosting radio or recording vocal takes for your next song, a good microphone and audio interface are your best friend - and with over $237 off this Universal Audio/Shure bundle at Musician’s Friend, (featuring the UA Apollo Solo HE, Shure SM7B mic and Shure SRH440 headphones) you’ll have friends for life. 

Universal Audio is one of the biggest names in high-end recording hardware, and their Apollo interfaces are finding their way into home and professional recording setups worldwide. One of UA’s many calling cards is their Unison-enabled mic preamps, which enable you to track through preamp emulations from the likes of Neve, Avalon, SSL, API and more. UA’s Unison technology can accurately nail the tones of these iconic preamps, including their input impedance, valve ‘sweet spots’ and other nuanced behaviours you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Cool, eh?

Few dynamic mics come close to the Shure SM7B in terms of clarity, consistency and build quality. Widely respected as one of the best ‘more affordable’ mics you can get your hands on, the SM7B is largely unbeatable at recording the human voice. It’s a simple piece of equipment, with a built in shock mount and pop filter, but it does the job pretty impressively - and we love that. 

This bundle also includes a pair of SRH440 headphones, perfect for monitoring and recording with an expansive frequency range. They feature a closed back, which drastically reduces mic bleed and other background noise.

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