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Superbooth 2018 video: Black Corporation’s Polykobol rework, Kijimi, is coming along rather well

Superbooth 2018: Having got very excited about the Black Corporation’s effort at recreating the CS-80, we’re now treated to another wonderful reimagining of synthesizer history with the Kijimi.

This 8-voice polysynth is a play on the rather rare RSF Polykobol II, with plenty of extras added in. The Kijimi can also hook up to the CV expander module, originally created for the Deckard’s Dream, and just like the DD, we’ll also be seeing a DIY kit version.

Black Corporation is taking preorders for the Kijimi now, priced at $3749. However, you can retain yours now for just $1199, with the remaining $2550 to be paid at the point of shipping. 

DIY enthusiasts can grab the kit for $999. The preorder price is just $349, with the remaining $650 to be paid when the product is ready for shipping.