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Summer NAMM 2018: Vox channels its Beatles-era amps with mini Superbeetle stack

SUMMER NAMM 2018: Vox has unveiled the Superbeetle mini amp stack, an homage to the high-power amps used by The Beatles in their latter live years.

There’s an intriguing juxtaposition of old and new here, courtesy of the Nutube-fuelled head - which outputs 50W at 4 ohms, 25W at 8 ohms and 12.5W at 16 ohms - and the vintage-vibed 10-inch open-back vertical cab, complete with custom Celestion driver.

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Controls include the standard array of bass, treble, gain and level, plus an onboard digital spring reverb and a tremolo - the first of its kind to be driven by Nutube.

Around the rear is a flat/deep EQ switch, as we saw on Vox’s MV50 micro heads, as well as a headphones/line-out jack for silent practice and recording.

Vox is touting the amp’s appeal as an item of décor, and having played it in person, we can attest it’s mighty purdy - have a look and listen in our demo video above.

The Vox Superbeetle is available from August 2018 for £349/€399 - see Vox Amps for more info, and don't forget the company's other big launch from the show, the AC30S1.

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