Summer NAMM 2017: All-new Yamaha BB basses on show

SUMMER NAMM 2017:  As part of its ongoing 40th birthday celebrations, Yamaha is displaying a slew of new additions to its prestigious BB bass line at Summer NAMM 2017.

All of the new BBs, which you can see and hear in action above and below, have multi-laminated Alder/Maple/Alder bodies, with the stiff maple core included to accentuate the mid-range, helping to cut through the mix of a band.

The bolt-on miter neck is attached with six bolts for more efficient transfer of string vibrations through the body, enhancing sustain and resonance, while the custom-wound pickups feature a medium-high output with 'vintage' voicing. 

All BB basses incorporate “Diagonal Body Thru Stringing” where strings are angled at the saddle and pass through the instrument to the bridge at a 45º angle, as opposed to the traditional vertical stringing method which places more stress on the strings. 

Diagonal Body Thru Stringing is said to significantly reduce this stress while transferring string vibration to the body reliably and efficiently.

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BB 234 - MSRP $470

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BB 235 - $550
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BB 434 - $795
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BB 435 - $856
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BB 734A - $1175
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BB 735A - $1275
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BB P34 - $2475
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BB P35 - $2575


“For 40 years, Yamaha has collaborated with some of the most prolific bassists in the world, incorporating their real-world experience and sage advice to craft the pure bass guitar—one that allows musicians to build their own, signature sound,” said Dennis Webster of Yamaha guitars and basses. 

“These new models continue this tradition of reliable excellence in superbly crafted, durable bass guitars that working musicians can depend on, providing the penetrating sound they need, yet in a smaller build that’s even easier to play.”

All the new models, pictured above, are available now.

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