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Something SKULPTed from Modal Electronics this way comes

We all love a good teaser, so it’s a welcome sight to see Bristol-based Modal Electronics (opens in new tab) getting in on the action with a new product, which we’re guessing is called Skulpt.

There’s little else to go on from the video apart from the blurry shots of something vaguely synth-like in the background. The name itself lends itself to filtering of some kind, so could an external processor be on the cards? 

If we’re judging this on the soundtrack to the video, then those morphing pads and metallic tones could be alluding to a digital, or even hybrid synth of some kind. Perhaps something with editable wavetables that can be sculpted by the user? We could go on...

Happily, we don't have long to wait to find out for sure, as all will be revealed on 6 July 2018. We’ll have the news as soon as it lands, so be sure to come back then.

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