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Sequence all your synths without a computer using the Groove Engine

It’s pretty clear that hardware that enables you to sequence your gear without the need for a computer is growing in popularity. The latest product to be pitched to the laptop-free brigade is the Groove Engine, a 16-channel MIDI/CV step sequencer/arranger with per-step CC automation and more.

The project is at the very early stages of development, but creator Miles Thatch has set up an Indiegogo project in the hope of securing funding for it. The promise is that the Groove Engine will put all parameters at your fingertips with no menu diving, though the final specs are still to be confirmed and feedback and suggestions are encouraged.

The basic premise is that you’ll get a 16-step sequencer and 16 instrument tracks, each of which can  be assigned its own MIDI channel. The emphasis is on live performance, and you’ll be able to save and recall live sets via SD card.

You can find out more on the Groove Engine Indiegogo page, with the basic backing package (which would get you one unit) costing $599.

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