Apple is set to allow you to repair your M1 Mac, but will you be brave enough to do it?

Apple Self Repair Service
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Apple has confirmed that, as part of its new Self Service Repair programme, you’ll soon be able to access genuine parts and tools and carry out repairs to your M1 Mac.

Self Service Repair was announced earlier this week, with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 set to be the first devices included. Starting next year in the US, you’ll be able to replace commonly used parts such as the display, battery and camera.

The option to repair your M1 Mac will arrive soon afterwards, though what you’ll actually be able to fix remains a mystery.

Apple M1 MacBook Air review

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It seems highly unlikely that you’ll be able to upgrade the RAM or SSD in your Mac - this has been shown to be theoretically possible, but is far from straightforward, and certainly not recommended - so we’re guessing that repairs will be restricted to the likes of the keyboard, battery and display. Time will tell, though.

Apple says that, before any customer attempts to perform a repair, they should first review the Repair Manual. They can then order genuine parts and tools via the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store. Those who return their used parts to Apple for recycling will receive credit towards their purchase. More than 200 individual parts and tools will be available at launch.

Although Self Service Repair could be great news for those who have the confidence and experience to work on electronic devices, Apple says that, for the vast majority of its customers, the best option will still be to visit a professional repair provider and have the work done by qualified technicians who use genuine parts.

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