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Save up to 93% off Waves’ plugin bundles and take your mixes to the next level

Save up to 93% off Waves’ plugin bundles and take your mixes to the next level
(Image credit: Waves)

Whether for self-preservation, work, or just a bit of fun, we’ve all been squirrelling away over the last year recording more music than ever before - and if there’s one thing that’s taught us, it’s that we could do with all the help we can get. A solid year of not quite getting the right acoustic guitar tone or vocal take is enough to drive anyone up the wall. Thankfully, Waves are yet again proving to be the friend we all need in these strange times, with up to 93% off a wide range of their plugin bundles.

That’s not all! If single Waves plugins are all you need, spend $70 and get 2 additional free plugins, or spend $120 and get 3 free plugins. You can redeem this offer as many times as your bank account will allow. Check this list to see which free plugins are on offer.

To put these utterly huge savings into context, Waves’ Horizon bundle is down from $3,999 to only $297. Horizon consists of 83 pro-quality audio plugins, including precise models of smooth vintage compressors and EQ’s. Even Chris Lord Alge himself has had a hand in designing some of Horizon’s contents. Cool, right?

Speaking of the Lord of the Mix, Chris Lord Alge’s signature series plugin bundle is also on offer - down from $399 to $65.99. Not only have these plugins been used on countless numbers of Grammy-winning hits, they’ll also simplify and speed up your mixing workflow. With 6 easy-to-use plugins for mixing drums, guitar, bass and vocals, as well as a few extras, the CLA set is a fantastic addition to your plugin library.