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Save a massive $224 on Novation’s Circuit Mono Station groovebox this Cyber Monday

Novation Circuit Mono Station
(Image credit: Future)

We’ve always been big fans of Novation’s Circuit Mono Station - even at the launch price of $499 it was pretty good value for money - but at $275, the price we’ve found it for this Cyber Monday, it’s a stone cold bargain.

A marriage of Novation’s excellent Circuit groovebox and Bass Station II analogue synth, this paraphonic powerhouse comes with three sequencer tracks and 32 velocity-sensitive RGB pads. You also get loads of connectivity options - MIDI, USB, CV, Gate etc - meaning that it’s a great device for controlling other gear.

Throw in a four-by-eight modulation matrix, three distortion modes and an inspiring workflow, and you’ve got yourself a device that sounds great and is a joy to use. And, as we said at the top, a price of $275 makes it a proper bargain.

Novation Circuit Mono Station $499 $275 at ProAudioStar
The combination of a solid analogue sound engine and uniquely powerful sequencer have always made the Circuit Mono Station worth considering, but that $224 discount puts it in impulse purchase territory.View Deal

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